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19-20th November 1998

Notice Board

webaid is being set up to coordinate the needs and answers that the web /internet is capable of offering to problem areas of this World.

These sites will act as information exchanges, focal points, and provision points- like a market place and newspaper roled into one.

All types of expertise is going to be required on a voluntary basis in the beginning.

Right! What we need is a company and a foundation with the same roots.

The company will be set up so that it can do anything it likes to earn money.

The foundation will be set up so that it is a active foundation.

Both will have the a central focus

The Market Place

This is where items are displayed for sale and requests for aid are posted.

The main structure of the market place will be funded by advertising to the people who join in with this.

When funding is sorted then areas that block the flow of data or provisions can be focussed on in order that the problems are lessened in time for the next project.

Each project will have its own chat area and bulletin board along with a plan of action based on input from web based local agencies in the area concerned and national and international agencies and experts whenever they can add to this effort

We are working on launching the webaid for Honduras and Nicaragua as soon as possible

The first aim of the company is to get itself created with an agenda for growth that allows the company the early opportunity of splitting its profit in order to fund the already started foundation

This company/foundation must be constructed using the web as its main media of comunication

It must be open to inspection via the web.

I should like to harness the type of program that is going to be used to analyse SETI noise and acts like a screensaver-

Go to this site for details


This program would harness the power of all the personal computers that were joined in with the scheme- and could give an income for that service if the machine were used enough.

Think Readers Digest

Think object oriented programming

think java

think vjm

think laws of nature


Code Napoleon

Japanese business practices

anything can be coded given time

code can be broken down into objects

start at the bottom

what is needed?


New industries for countires effected?


Have Microgenerators.

Micro Generators

Another name for a DC Micromotor with a modified specification

high emf at low revs.

add a comutator.

Try for a toy car that uses one motor to run the car and another that is a generator for when the kid pushes it on the floor

savonius rotor or hand wound or hydraulicly driven or

Mabuchi makes millions upon millions of these micro motors each year.

If no one out there is able to think of a hundred different applications for a little generator that gathers waste energy....

Chinese style hanging lanterns that hang in a garden and glow when a breeze blows them round... seeing a breeze.

on a windy road at night?

lots of little ones strung together like wind fences, gathering the blow of the wind and lighting the area- stockpiling warmth, filling batteries, powering radios.

Eventually each individual rain drop can add a pulse of electricity to a mesh of other pulsing micro motors.

These motors I am talking about are in every toy car and shaver.


There is excess capacity worldwide.

It doesn't take a genius to make money from this.

Use it if it can help.


I need forward thinking international level companies to start building this structure.

Some of you have been emailed for this reason

Others because you have shown other talents.


Or giving me the wherewithal to start doing it myself.

"you need the proper tools to do a proper job"


Mark Aldiss

5 Derwen Deg




LL40 2TH


United Kingdom


webaid is in the proccess of aquiring its own server status to control the myriad of connections that will be needed for this system to work effectively.




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